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We Keep Top Notch Materials

High quality materials provide high quality products. All materials can be ordered. If you do not know which one is right for your project we will happily guide you.



PLA - High strength, low temp resistance, large color selection.

Nylon - High strength, high temp resistance, durable.

ABS - High heat resistance, tough, abrasion resistant

PETG - High strength, durable, chemical resitant.

Polycarbonate - High impact strength, high temp resistance, light weight

Metal Filled PLA - Same properties as PLA, can be post processed according to metal type. i.e. copper/patina, iron/rust.

PA-CF - Extremely strong, high heat resistance, lightweight.

PMMA (Acrylic) - Rigid, lightweight, very clear compared to other transparent filaments.

Polyproylene - High strength, UV resistant, chemical resistant.

MMLA - Fire resistant, waterproof, uv resistance, high durability.

Wood Filled PLA - Same properties as PLA but can be sanded and stained somewhat like wood.



Basic Photoresin - Strong, brittle, high detail.

High Precision - Low shrinkage, impact resistant, rigid

Hyper Clear - Extremely clear, brittle, not UV stable.

Flexible - Varying flexibilities (shore hardness) available. Great for mixing into brittle resins or making flexible rubber like parts.

Engineering - High impact strength, high shear strength, dimensionally accurate.

Casting Resin - Available in jewelry and dental resins. Can be printed and casted using various methods.



TPU - Rubber-like elasticity, high tear and abrasion resistance, thermally stable.

TPE - Softer than TPU, less dense than TPU, more flexible than TPU.

TPC - Chemical resistant​, rubber-like, ductile​, durable.

TPA - Highly technical flexible material. Very high abrasion resistance. Flexibility is truly wear-proof.

Flexible PLA - Medium strength, medium durability, medium flexibility.

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